Geobiking in Griffith Woods

Griffith Woods is a beautiful Natural Environment Park located just off Highway 8 in southwest Calgary. Adjacent to the Elbow River, many of the trails and bridges in the park were damaged or washed away during the June 2007 flooding. Some of the bridges still haven’t been replaced and some of the trails are still in pretty rough shape, but the worst damage – along the main trail following the power line right-of-way – has been repaired.

One of our earliest geocache hides was in Griffith Woods, but within a few months of placement in was destroyed. When we tried placing another geocache, it went missing before it was even published. So we lost our enthusiasm for placing geocaches in this urban gem of a park. We’re glad others have had better luck. Four new geocaches had been published in the area since our last visit (May 2010), so as we rode the trails Monday morning (August 16), we occasionally stopped to search for these new hides, most of them medium-sized lock ‘n’ locks. I’d say our favourite of the day was GC29MF4 No Flames—barely a spark, which presented the most challenging search and the biggest smile when found.

A quick look at the geocaching map shows an even dozen active caches in the park, plus another dozen or so in the nearby community of Discovery Ridge and immediate surroundings. There’s also a very educational constructed wetland a very short distance east along Highway 8 (and reachable via pathway from the east end of Griffith Woods. So if you haven’t yet visited Griffith Woods during our geocaching adventures, we encourage you to bring your bike along. This park provides a great opportunity to experience nature within the city.

NOTE: a cougar was sighted in Griffith Woods the afternoon of August 18th, so plan the timing of your trip accordingly and please observe any trail closure notices and wildlife warnings posted in the area.


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