Smoke Keeps This Geocaching Family (Mostly) Indoors for 4 Days

Smoke from forest fires in the Prince George area of British Columbia drifted into the Calgary area last Thursday, blanketing the city and surrounding area (and, in fact, much of Alberta and areas all the way east to parts of Ontario) in a grey blanket. It was dense enough that government officials issued an air quality advisory, suggesting anyone with underlying respiratory conditions remain indoors.
Two GeoKs are asthmatic, so we ended up spending most of the next four days indoors. It’s just as well we didn’t plan to attend GC2422 – The Brass Cap Convention in Medicine Hat, ’cause we wouldn’t have been able to do much brass cap hunting. And we didn’t make it out to place any new caches for the upcoming Calgary Cache and Release Summer 2010 event, either.
Sunset on Thursday, the first day the pall of smoke reached Calgary
Sunday afternoon, it looked like the sky was finally starting to clear out. A thunderstorm, complete with a couple hours of rain, finally cleared things up…

Keeping things in perspective, our lives were mildly inconvenienced by the smoke. We can only try to imagine the effect on those living where the wild fires are raging. Maybe Icenrye’s next videozine podcast will give us some idea…

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