It’s a new blogging world!

Signed on to today only to learn that there’s a mass migration to WordPress underway! It seems that not all content automatically migrates, so please bear with us as we learn the ropes of this new site.

One thing we’ve already discovered is that people have commented on some of our blog entries in the past and we never noticed! So thanks to those of you who’ve commented in the past. Over the next couple weeks, as we learn our way around, we’ll try to reply to your previous comments.

2 thoughts on “It’s a new blogging world!

    1. Ian, I’m by no means an internet knowledgeable person. I just followed the online tools that were available when Microsoft announced the spaces blog was shutting down. I wasn’t able to migrate any of my lists (book reviews, fave songs, etc.), but I did get to migrate my blog entries. I hope the tools are still available to you. Wish I could offer more specific help. Good luck to you.

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