Fraser McGurk, Canmore Artist

We’ve just about accumuated as much furniture as we’re going to for our Canmore getaway, so this weekend we started thinking about how great it would be to find a piece of art to display over the fireplace. Our timing was good; when we went into town to pick up some groceries we stopped in at the Two Wolves Trading Company where we spotted some colourful prints by local artist Fraser McGurk. The shopkeeper was pretty busy, so we gave up trying to arrange to audition one of the prints and headed home to contact the artist directly.

Fraser was terrific! He brought over almost a dozen prints, helped us try them out and left some for us to look at in the evening and early morning light. Twenty-four hours later we were the happy owners of a copy of “Lake Louise”:

Later on, we visited his studio to learn about how he sketches his images on wood, cuts and shapes the wood and the paints the various components of each image. He also gave us an overview of the print making process that resulted in the colourful image that graces our mantelpiece. We truly appreciate his patience and guidance as we debated over which piece would best fit our Canmore space and we look forward to viewing his future works of art.

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