Call me crazy…

…but I’ve decided to take on the challenge of posting a new blog entry at least once a week, in response to a challenge put out by the folks that run WordPress. Even though it seems a little bit nuts to add this to the mix of everything else going on right now, I’m hoping that sitting down at least once a week to reflect on things might help keep the craziness in perspective!

So what’s going on? The biggest thing is a major renovation. We moved out of our house in early December and the demolition phase is pretty much complete. Al the stucco and rock are off the exterior and pretty much all the walls are gone from the interior. In fact, there are a couple of holes in the exterior walls where there are heaters blowing out to keep the ground from freezing where a small expansion to the footprint has been framed for the concrete pour that’s scheduled for next week. New windows have been ordered, new garage doors arrive in a couple of weeks and the framers have started working on framing the new interior walls.

Living in a rental place is no great joy, either. The list of deficiencies noted when we moved in hasn’t yet been fully addressed and we’ve been without a functioning oven for a week now. However, it’s very convenient to be in a rental place just a five-minute walk from our real house, so pretty much every afternoon we can check on the renovation and make sure things are properly locked up.

The reno project has pretty much put a stop to our geocaching over the past few months, but the plan is to get out and find some caches in February. So stay tuned to see whether the postaweek thing works out, to follow along as I try to improve my photography skills, to share the ups and downs of our big renovation project, and as we search out some quality geocaches in 2011.

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