Project 365

Variations of Project 365 have been around for years, and one of the most popular is the photo-a-day project. The idea is to take your camera with you everywhere you go, to shoot lots of photos and then share one photo per day so that come December 31, you have a portfolio of 365 photos that reflect the past year.

Mrs. GeoK joined Project 365 in 2008 (when it was a leap year, so it was really Project 366). In both 2008 and 2009 she managed to post a photo a day. But while 2010 started strong, around mid-October her project went off the rails (coincidentally, this is right around the time we decided to move ahead with a major home renovation project and we had to start packing up all our stuff to move out of our house for several months). By the time December 31, 2010 rolled around, she had 313 photos in her set for the year, or 52 missed days!!

For 2011, Santa Claus provided some motivation to get back on track, as there’s no better way to learn a new camera than by using it…and using it….and using it. Check back in a year and we’ll see whether she has a better than 86% participation rate for the year!!

We appreciate comments, questions & suggestions. If we're slow to respond, please be patient. We're probably out adventuring!

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