Project 366 Update #1: ROYGBIV

A look back at our Project 365 efforts for the past few years highlighted declining success in achieving the straightforward goal of taking at least one photo every day of the year and sharing one with family, friends or the world at large. In an effort to get 2012 off to a better start, I concluded that post with a challenge to self: search out vibrant colours in the middle of our Canadian winter.

One week later, partial success: I included one “orange” photo in our 2012 – Project 366 photoset. That’s not to say that the search for vibrant colour netted only one result. Youngest GeoKid prompted us to look for every colour of the rainbow – ROYGBIV – and then joined us for a couple of walks and acted as spotter. But only one such photo made it into our Project 366 for 2012, since most of them were captured during our very first walk. To prove our success, here’s our ROYGBIV…

RED: rose hips on a wild rose shrub
ORANGE: Xantoria elegans lichen on rock is a common sight in the Three Sisters Creek area
YELLOW: It was a challenge to find something yellow that wasn't left behind by a dog walking past a snowbank, but Youngest GeoKid came through, spotting oozing sap during one of our walks along the Highline Trail
GREEN: The Canmore area hasn't seen much snowfall since early December. That fact, combined with natural tree cover, made it pretty easy to find a big patch of moss green!
BLUE: Mid-winter in Canada, the best chance of capturing a vibrant blue is the sky. Nearing the end of our walk one day, we spotted a sun dog behind "Big Sister" and a contrail that added a little extra something to the sky, which makes this photo of Three Sisters our best pick for something blue.
INDIGO: Youngest GeoKid spotted these juniper berries, and although pale, they are the only indigo thing we spotted over the course of 4 days.
VIOLET: Even though the sunrise was beautiful, I was going to delete this photo...not very focussed and no mountains or trees for context, but then I noticed it had a fair amount of colour, and used for my ROYGBIV challenge!

As far as “2012 – Project 366” is concerned, one week in we’re sitting at 100% completion! I’d better spend some time today thinking about a photography goal for next week. If you have any family-friendly suggestions, please leave a comment.

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