Start of Spring? Break

Our boys are different schools, so we’re very fortunate they have the same two weeks for spring break this year! We’re not so fortunate that spring break started with a snowfall warning, in effect for 36 hours and forecasting up to 20 cm of snow. Heavy cloud cover threatened snow all morning, but we decided to head out for a short walk along the banks of Three Sisters Creek in Canmore.

Narrow path in the snow
Making our way towards the upper falls on Three Sisters Creek, we were very grateful for those on snowshoes who walked this way before us, compacting a narrow pathway through the snow. We had to be careful to stick to the narrow trail, 'cause one step to the side meant sinking up to mid-thigh.
Three Sisters Creek
Looking north along Three Sisters Creek towards Grotto Mountain.

Falls on Three Sisters Creek
The large, upper falls on Three Sisters Creek have a pretty high water volume, but are still featuring lots of hanging ice and a pretty deep snow cover. With heavy cloud cover we were challenged to capture great photos, but this one gives a pretty good sense of what we saw on the trail today.

Water flowing behind the ice
Great sheets of ice hang off the waterfall, but if you look carefully you can see (and hear) water falling behind the ice. Here's one spot where the water was quite visible.
Another ice formation on the creek
There's a lot more snow and considerably less ice along the banks of Three Sisters Creek compared to our last walk along this trail, about three weeks ago.
More seed pods
More seed pods peeking through the snow. Not sure what type of plant this might even been a weed!
Weak sun
The sun was barely visible through the heavy cloud cover this morning and we could see the snow advancing from the east, threatening to cut our walk short.
Mountain avens waiting for spring
Last year's hardy Mountain Aven flower pods poke through the snow, waiting for the sun to shine and the chance to bloom again.

Reflections of Three Sisters
The only indication that winter is officially over is that some of the ice cover has disappeared from the creeks and Bow River. Despite the heavy cloud cover and threatening snow, this pool of water offered a partial reflection of the Three Sisters.

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