Project 366 Update #3 – 150 Day Milestone

2012 - Project 366 - a set on FlickrWe’ve achieved good momentum when it comes to Project 366 this year. Yesterday we added photo #150 to our photo set. After spending a few minutes thinking about why this year is going much so better than the past 2 years, I came up with three things that are making a big difference…

First, we’re done our renovation! From the day we signed the contract, through packing/moving, making thousands of decisions, visiting suppliers shops and studios, to packing and moving back home, that project took almost all of our time and energy for just under a year. Second, I’ve started following several photography blogs and have started participating in a few photography challenges; these facets of the online photography community are inspiring me to work hard at becoming a better photographer, Finally, I’ve inherited a new-to-me camera and am curious to learn all about its capabilities so that I can take full advantage when I’m out shooting.

I spent about 15 minutes searching for websites and pages related to Project 365 and I’m amazed and inspired by all the talented people taking part. I spent a bit of time browsing through the Flickr: 365 Project – 2012 Pool. While there are some photos of people in this Flickr Pool, the vast majority of images are of flowers, other still life images, landscapes, animals, water, etc. A quick review of our in-progress 2012 photo set reveals a similar mix: sunsets; Lego; insects, birds or other animals; plants (especially flowers); food and cooking; our home; the great outdoors as seen while geocaching, walking, biking or hiking; family; and taekwondo.

What kinds of things do you photograph every day? If you’re part of the Project 365 community, we’d like to take a look, so please leave a Comment including a link to your photos.

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