Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

On Saturday, we hiked in the Highwood Pass area for the first time this year. A full trail report is in the works for later this week, but here’s an advance look at the majestic Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep we spotted atop Grizzly Ridge. I was glad I packed the big lens…

Two bighorn sheep on Grizzly Ridge, Mount Tyrwitt on the left, Pocaterra Ridge centre

Two bighorn sheep on Grizzly Ridge

This is one of two bighorn sheep that seemd to be on guard duty between us and the herd

The two sentinels finally got tired of looking at us and stood up to stretch their legs

This ram had tehe biggest horns in the herd, so we're glad he pretty much ignored us

5 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

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  2. The detail you captured in the sheep’s horns inspires me to get a better camera. Of course, I think you have some talent too. I don’t know where to get that, though. 🙂

    1. You should have seen my (not very good) photos 4 or 5 years ago. It seems that to a fairly large degree, talent is acquired through practice!

      Of course, every year or two Mr. GeoK buys himself a better camera which means I inherit a new-to-me camera, too. And you’re right – a better sensor, the ability to change out lenses as needed, and the patience to read at least the “quick start” section of the manual can almost automatically take the quality of your photos up a notch or two.

      Happy shopping!

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