Photo Essay: Fall Colour in Calgary

While the golden larch are a major fall attraction in the Rocky Mountain Parks west of Calgary, those unable to make the drive west (or who want to avoid the 8500 vehicles parked on the road to Moraine Lake every Saturday and Sunday during larch season), there are lots of spots to enjoy beautiful fall colours within the Calgary city limits.

Fish Creek Provincial Park and Nose Hill Natural Environment Park are so large that you’re sure to come across some splashes of colour. Over the past couple of weeks, Mrs. GeoK has gone walking in South Glenmore Park and Princes Island Park (downtown YYC), where it’s beginning to look a lot like fall…

South Glenmore Park

Fall colour along the shore of Glenmore Reservoir
Fall colour along the shore of Glenmore Reservoir (near Glenmore Landing)

Red leaves at Glenmore Reservoir
Red leaves at Glenmore Reservoir

École St. Gerard Stream of Dreams Project
Last week, I spotted a patch of tall sunflowers growing near the South Glenmore children’s playground and water park. Detouring from the main pathway to take some photos led to the discovery of a public art project – a fish mural created by École St. Gerard students and installed in the park for the entire community to enjoy. The fish themselves add colour and interest to the otherwise somewhat-depressing chain link fence, but the sweet peas and sunflowers planted along the fence line really complement the colourful schools of fish.

Pink school
The fish are installed according to colour groupings…this one is part of the pink school of fish.
Swimming among the sweet peas
This colourful fish blends right in to the colourful sweet pea flowers.
Yellow and blue fish
“One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish…” Dr. Seuss would have appreciated this colourful school of fish.
There are at least three types of sunflowers for the fish and passersby to enjoy. This particular plant has petals of yellow and gold, very attractive to bees and wasps (there are two different species on this flower).

Princes Island Park

The lagoon at Princes Island Park
The lagoon at Princes Island Park

Bow River shoreline in downtown Calgary
Bow River shoreline in downtown Calgary where Oldest GeoKid took his water sample for testing in the biology lab. The water level has dropped considerably over the last month.
East end of downtown Calgary
East end of downtown Calgary, shot from the western shore of the Chevron constructed wetlands at Princes Island Park. I was shooting into the sun, so used the “dramatic” mode (approx. = HDR) to come away with a usable shot.

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