We Wish You Christmas

Lego Santa
(from minifigures Series 9, in stores January 2013)

Over the past week or so, we’ve enjoyed one of the things we cherish most about the Christmas season – visits with most of our extended family. We enjoy hearing stories from years gone by, sharing long-standing family traditions and watching the younger generation establishing new ones, sharing highlights from the year drawing to a close, and talking about plans and dreams for the upcoming year.

We usually host as many family members as are in Calgary on Christmas Eve, when we all sit down to a big turkey dinner at the end of the day. This year, we almost had a turkeyless Christmas Eve dinner, as we discovered late in the morning that the fresh turkey we purchased the day before was rotten! Fortunately, the market swapped it for a slightly larger bird that smelled just fine, and we all sat down to a delicious dinner only a little later than usual.

Today we enjoyed an extended long-distance chat with another family member and an afternoon visit with the other set of grandparents. Now it’s time to enjoy a quiet evening on our own. But before we do, we’d like to share a few (slightly modified) lines from British composer John Rutter with the rest of our family and friends…

We wish you blessings, we wish you love,
The sound of angel choirs from high above;
We wish you laughter, happiness and cheer:
We wish you Christmas, a merry Christmas,
And may its joy and peace be with you through the year.

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