Photo Blogging Challenge – One (March 2014)

In honour of the first anniversary of this particular photo blogging challenge, the theme for March was one. I found there was plenty of scope for interpretation and had fun making this set of five photographs.

1. One Mug of Ale – All the on location sets for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movie trilogies have been dismantled, with one exception: Hobbiton. There’s only one way to see Bilbo’s home and that’s via guided tour, which we did on our next to last day in New Zealand. The tour ends at the Green Dragon Inn where everyone is served one mug of ale (or cider or ginger beer).


2. One Night in Auckland – We finished our extended family vacation in New Zealand with a one-night stay in Auckland. We did a little shopping, enjoyed a couple of good meals and took advantage of the small balcony off our hotel room to do a little night photography. From that vantage point, the most distinctive feature of the city skyline is the Sky Tower.


3. One Piece of Trash – All you geocachers out there will be familiar with the CITO (cache-in, trash-out) aspect of the game. After eight years of geocaching, picking up trash has become a habit, even when I’m not geocaching. One day this month I came across one flip-flop with just one strap and knew I had to take a quick photograph for this post before I tucked it into our trash can.


4. One Step – There are many drops, steps and falls along the stretch of Three Sisters Creek where we like to walk. This one little step lends itself to photography – it’s easy to access, has a couple of convenient locations for tripods and has relatively even light – good place to practice long-exposure photography.


5. One Minute Exposure – Glow sticks are a good excuse to spend some one-on-one time with K, who is always willing to start them glowing, hold them, move them around and – starting this month – photograph them. I figured a one-minute exposure was a good match for this month’s theme.


Thanks again to P.J. over at A ‘lil HooHaa for hosting the monthly photo blogging challenge. Click here to his photographs of one thing or another and the list of links to other bloggers taking part in the challenge.

New participants are always welcome. The theme for next month will be announced on April 1st on A ‘lil HooHaa.

14 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge – One (March 2014)

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  2. #5 is a fabulous idea! Love it! And being a huge LOR and Hobbit fan, I would thoroughly enjoy seeing the Hobbitown sets. Great capture.

  3. Great shots. Love that shot of the water, and the night shot in Auckland is fantastic. We have clients in NZ. Been trying to get myself sent there 😉

  4. cmiked

    Excellent set. I was trying to come up with a favorite but I can’t. I’ve got to go to new Zealand one day.

  5. OH my GOSH. That fourth one… oh my GOSH! STUNNING!!!!! All of these are so good, from first to last. I am totally jealous of the hobbit tour… that looks so cool. I heard they kept it up and were giving tours!

  6. Excellent shots. By far and away, my favorite of this bunch is your Three Sisters Creek shot. I love the smoothness that longer exposures give to flowing water and you’ve captured it perfectly here.

    1. As far as the two photos you mention go, my favourite thing about them is knowing that twelve or eighteen months ago I never would have been able to make those photographs. It’s amazing what can happen when you switch from “auto” to “M” and then make time to learn and practice.

  7. jay53

    That was fascinating, but I have to say, my favourite is the glow stick one-minute exposure. What a great piece of art that would make, printed out nice and big and framed!

    Auckland! That brought back some memories. We lived in Takapuna for a year, back in the 80s. Sometimes I miss it, then I remember the mosquitoes and the sandflies and I don’t miss it quite so much.

    1. I didn’t like the sandflies either…the bites took forever to heal. But we only encountered them around Queenstown and no mosquitoes at all. Mr. GeoK liked NZ enough that he keeps talking about going back on a regular basis every winter, but I’m not sure our bank account is up for that.

    1. Shared your comment about that last photo with K – it was his idea to add the splash of red to the bottom left corner – and it brought a big smile to a young man’s face. Thank you!

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