Photo Blogging Challenge (May 2014) – Fun

When’s the last time you had fun? This round of P.J.’s monthly photo challenge is a good reminder to seek out a bit of fun at least every once in a while. Those of us with jam-packed schedules might start by planning something fun once a month. Or maybe fun is so high on your priority list that it’s a daily thing.

As for me, I’m glad that May is also the month for the David Suzuki Foundation’s 30×30 Nature Challenge. It’s pretty easy to have fun when you’re outside, so I carried my camera when I headed out for my daily dose of Vitamin N and that’s how I collected most of my photographs for this month’s post.

1. Grass Angel – Calgary enjoyed yet another dump of snow in early May. After clearing the driveway and sidewalks I went out into the yard and made a snow angel. My snow angel photographs turned out poorly (too much white on white). But a couple of days later I noticed that most of the snow I’d cleared to make my snow angel had melted, leaving a clearly visible (brown and flattened after a long winter) grass angel.


2. New Geocache Hide – Mr. GeoK has fun working in his shop constructing complicated and somewhat devious bird house puzzle geocaches. He built two new puzzle containers in May and then we headed out into the woods to search out suitable hiding spots. Part of the “fun” is making sure your chosen hiding spot is not too close to another geocache and is in a location that’s not going to violate any park rules, municipal geocaching guidelines or trigger a bomb scare (yes, that occasionally happens). Fortunately, bird houses in the woods are generally pretty easy to place.


3. Creek Jumping – Even grown-ups have fun crossing creeks, whether via a fallen tree, a bit of rock-hopping or the old reliable “run and jump” method. We had the chance to use all three techniques when we were out and about in Canmore over the May long weekend.


4. Fun with Bricks – Our teenage boys don’t always (or more accurately don’t often) agree with us, but they do concur that a new Lego set = fun. We have an ongoing, friendly, family competition to see who can spot a new type of brick and who can discover a new way of fitting bricks together to create an effect we haven’t seen before. We worked together to construct the Parisian Restaurant set while making up stories about the included minifigs. Thanks for the Mother’s Day gift, guys!

Parisian Restaurant Lego set

5. Beakerhead – Over the past couple of months I’ve been actively working on being more creative, inspired by my desire to be a member of the Beakerhead Photography Team. What is Beakerhead? It’s a hands-on, city-wide, multi-day event celebrating the creativity that happens when art and science meet. Beakerhead’s inaugural event turned Calgary into a giant living laboratory for 5 days in September 2013. This month, giant eco-friendly chalk murals went up in downtown Calgary to coincide with Beakerhead’s announcement that the theme for the second annual Beakerhead (September 10 – 14, 2014) is #LetGo. Inspired by the underpass locations of the murals, I set about to create a Lego version of the launch.


Other photos of my Lego re-creation of Beakerhead’s #LetGo eco-graffiti murals can be viewed on flickr.

Thank you P.J., for hosing this monthly blogging challenge over at A ‘lil HooHaa. Click here to see some of the things that make P.J. smile. It’s going to be interesting to see how many participants opted to make photographs of things that make them smile and how many managed to make photographs of actual smiles.

New participants are always welcome. The theme for next month will be announced June 1st on A ‘lil HooHaa.

7 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge (May 2014) – Fun

  1. So much fun. Thanks for reminding us to just go for it rather than “scheduling” in the fun. My boys get me out a lot, but I have to remember just to play for myself! Great photos — always a pleasure reading your blog!

  2. Great shots! I always love your Canmore shots but my fave this month is the Lego guy. Who doesn’t love Lego? Fun, indeed.

  3. YOUR PHOTOS ARE FREAKING AMAZING! THAT is what I have to say!!!! Love the lego… the geocaching.. the running….and the snow angel? I made one last year… it never snows here and last year it snowed a LOT… I had so much fun making one!

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