Photo Blogging Challenge – Colourful (September 2018)

Street photographers would respond to this month’s theme with portraits of fascinating people. For nature/landscape photographers like me, the transition of summer to fall is rich with everything from flowers, to autumn leaves and blue skies. Add five days of Beakerhead to the mix, and I enjoyed a wide range of colourful subjects, presented in chronological order.

1. Frozen Flower

Except for three days early in the month, the daily high temperatures in Calgary were well below average (as much as 11 degrees C/20 degrees F). Snow or freezing drizzle were an almost daily occurrence for the last half of the month. One result? A rare opportunity to photograph ice-coated flowers.

A favourite of the bees that collect pollen from our yard, the hardy Veronica Speedwell blossoms were coated in ice after overnight drizzle mid-month.

2. Purple Lightning

As a member of the Beakerhead photo crew, I had early access to a few of the Beakerhead 2018 installations, including one that sparks purple lightning!

Standing about 10 meters (30+ feet) tall, these giant Tesla coils spark in response to what’s played on the musical keyboard controller. Thanks to lucky timing, the Calgary Tower was light up in purple – which colour-coordinated with the giant bolts of electricity!

3. Pulse and Bloom

Another Beakerhead site, I photographed this one in mist. Despite drying my lens between shots, it was impossible to get a clean shot. In the end, I found a way for the tiny water droplets to add to scene.

One of a dozen temporary installations for Beakerhead 2018, Pulse and Bloom is an interactive sculpture that lights up in response to touch, changing colours as more people touch the same stem and their heartbeats become synchronized.

4. Fall in an Urban Forest

When I discovered that the new regional park a short walk from our home was still under construction, I kept going in the same direction and spent a couple of hours exploring the paved pathways through recently completed neighbourhoods. The happiest discovery? That city planners/developers preserved a fairly extensive aspen forest – and that the underbrush was at peak fall colour!

The fall colours of the shrubs in this patch of urban aspen forest were so vibrant I opted to back off the saturation to a more believable intensity.

5. Blue and Gold

We didn’t make it to the mountains for a golden larch hike this month, so a rare sunny morning this month I set out to find some blue and gold in the city.

For the sunniest large city in Canada, Calgary had remarkably few sunny days in September. When the forecast called for one clear morning late in the month, I set aside my work plans and headed out to explore two parks just east of downtown. This side channel to the Bow River flows through a bird sanctuary, but there were just a few ducks and geese hanging about.

I’ve shared some of the most colourful moments from my September. Feel like sharing one of your most vibrant memories or photos from the last month of summer? Or maybe your favourite colour? (Mine’s purple and Mr. GeoK’s is blue.) Drop down and leave a comment. Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge – Colourful (September 2018)

  1. Where is the “love” button?! Your shots this month are spectacular. The photos from your Beakerhead experience are exceptionally wonderful. I love the water droplets because they create a bokeh effect. We don’t have much autumn color here yet. Hopefully in a few weeks.

    1. Thanks Lisa! That’s what I loved about the water droplets on the lens, too. Looking through some of the photos other team members took that night, there’s one other guy who decided to go with the flow on a few of his shots, too.

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