Hiking Yoho National Park – Sherbrooke Lake to Niles Col

This hike is a scenic powerhouse: four waterfalls, a turquoise mountain lake, a wildflower-filled amphitheatre and an amazing view of the Waputik Icefield (including Daly Glacier, source of Takakkaw Falls). It’s ample payback for the challenging 1150 meter elevation gain and total distance of just over 22 km. Allocate a full day to this hike and be sure to pack your camera!


Hiking Yoho National Park – Iceline Trail

Whether you want to see firsthand how glaciers help carve the distinctive jagged peaks and wide valleys of the Canadian Rockies or you’re simply interested in a hike with a heavy dose of high-impact scenery, Iceline Trail is a serious contender. Depending on your fitness level, weather conditions and available time, you may choose your…


Hiking Yoho National Park – Lake O’Hara Alpine Circuit

Three things distinguish the Lake O’Hara Alpine Circuit from other spectacular hikes found in the Canadian Rocky Mountains: Altogether, the various segments of the Alpine Circuit lead to, pass by or incorporate scenic viewpoints overlooking almost a dozen turquoise mountain lakes. It offers hikers the flexibility to complete the Alpine Circuit in small sections, linking…


Hiking Yoho National Park – Lake O’Hara

A secluded alpine valley dotted with beautiful turquoise lakes all connected by creeks, waterfalls and more than 80 km of trails, the Lake O’Hara region of Yoho National Park is a hiker’s paradise. BUT…Parks Canada restricts road access to Lake O’Hara, so getting there can be a challenge. Since the mid-1970s Parks Canada has limited…