Gear Review: Lensbaby Sol 22 / 45

fter taking more than 2000 photographs with the Lensbaby Sol 22, I’m sure of four things: 1) the fun factor is well worth the US$199.95 list price; 2) its compact size and light weight make it easy to carry on any photography outing; 3) not all subject matter lends itself to the Lensbaby look; and 4) the combination of manual focus, tilt shift and bokeh blades means more practice is required before I can be confident that photos taken with this lens will consistently match what I envision before pressing the shutter button.


Photo Blogging Challenge (April 2014) – Smile

It’s been my habit each month to mention the monthly photo challenge theme to the other members of the family. I find a chance to talk with each of them, usually early in the month, and each time I get at least one good idea from our conversations. In April, K suggested I think about…