Photo Blogging Challenge – Feliz Navidad (December 2018)

Over the past twenty years or so, our Christmas celebrations have shifted away from presents towards presence. This year our celebrations included preparing and enjoying several meals with extended family and friends, movie and board game nights with our young adult sons, and plenty of nature walks for the two of us! It was a Merry Christmas, indeed!


Photo Blogging Challenge – Holidays (December 2015)

Sadly, there’s something polarizing about the word holidays. A word that’s meant to encompass the celebration of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and the New Year has become something of a political and religious hot potato. Aside from stumbling across one particularly vitriolic diatribe against the Starbucks “Happy Holidays” campaign, I managed to avoid most such nonsense…


Sparkling Hill Resort

I’m just back from Sparkling Hill Resort where I enjoyed a few fantastic days. It was a girls’ getaway, with my mom, sister and sister-in-law, all organized by my SIL (which, by the way, also stands for strong independent lady – a description that definitely applies). She booked two rooms for two nights. The package…


Swiftly Flow The Days

I noticed earlier this week that countdown calendars are popping up everywhere: 15 days until Black Friday; 42 days before Christmas; 49 days until 2016… As the days, hours, minutes and seconds wind down, the pressure of holiday busy-ness spins up. Add school concerts, recitals, parties, shopping, baking, juggling finances, and other extras to an…