Photo Blogging Challenge – Water (October 2016)

Water! Here in Calgary, we open the nearest tap for instant access to unlimited, safe drinking water at a cost of roughly half a cent per litre. Inexpensive, ready access to clean water is easy to take for granted. And that's reflected in my photos - water as an abundant, natural element. Part of what makes water amazing is that we can observe it all three states - gas, liquid, solid - within the temperature range that humans can tolerate. The fact that October is the month for the water theme means the timing is just right to photograph water in all of those natural states.


Photo Blogging Challenge – Three (March 2016)

Happy 3rd birthday to PJ's photo blogging challenge! I just read my post from three years ago and noticed a couple of things. For one thing, there are a few people who have posted every month for 36 months and counting. Congratulations! For another, I'm convinced my photographs are better now than they were three years ago. That …

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Hiking Banff National Park – Sundance Canyon

Starting just behind the Cave & Basin National Historic Site, we moved pretty quickly along the paved Sundance Trail. The pathway is definitely wide enough for walkers, bikers and in-line skaters to share, and we will consider cycling this trail on our next visit. But since the early morning fog and low-lying cloud prompted us …

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