ILLUMINATIONS: human/nature

ILLUMINATIONS: human/nature was conceived for people like me! Billed as a participative art experience incorporating history and nature, I expected a mash-up of art and nature featuring tons of lights and projected images, triggered by walking or touching something while enjoying the great outdoors in Banff National Park. While most of those elements were part of the experience, for me, the participative aspect fell short. Our group focused primarily on doing what needed to be done to move on to the next way station and there wasn't much discussion or sharing of perspectives. I do really like the overall concept of a short-run, multi-media, site relevant art installation celebrating Canada's parks quite appealing and hope for they'll be another opportunity to experience art in nature before Canada 200 rolls around.


Snowshoeing Banff NP – Lake Minnewanka and Stewart Canyon

Below freezing temperatures and slippery conditions make it harder to get out and about at this time of year. But a daily dose of Vitamin N(ature) is one of my priorities, so I make a point of getting out there almost every day. Dressing in layers, taking along in a pair of MICROspikes, NANOspikes or snowshoes and heading out with family or friends are three ways to increase the likelihood of enjoying being outside in mid-winter. Add some fantastic Banff NP scenery to the equation and it's a guaranteed winner!


Exploring Banff National Park – Snow Days 2015 Geocaching Challenge

The annual SnowDays festival is underway in Banff National Park. With activities ranging from ice carving to ice climbing, snow sculpting to snow shoeing and lots more, the month-long schedule of activities is designed to encourage everyone to embrace winter. We enjoyed a half day in and around the Banff townsite, searching for 5 geocaches …

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Photo Blogging Challenge – Games (January 2015)

The host of this monthly photo challenge loves games, including board games and outdoor games (like disc golf and geocaching). So ever since the challenge started back in 2013, I've been expecting the theme of games to come up at some point. Games include sports and athletic activities, board games, computer games, recreational activities and …

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Hiking Banff NP – C-Level Cirque

Cascade Mountain commands the attention of visitors arriving in Banff National Park via the east gate near Canmore. Topping out an elevation of 2,998 meters (9,836 ft), it's the highest peak in the immediate vicinity of Banff. While few have the physical conditioning and experience to undertake the scramble to the summit, there are a …

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