Photo Blogging Challenge – Feliz Navidad (December 2018)

Over the past twenty years or so, our Christmas celebrations have shifted away from presents towards presence. This year our celebrations included preparing and enjoying several meals with extended family and friends, movie and board game nights with our young adult sons, and plenty of nature walks for the two of us! It was a Merry Christmas, indeed!

Photo Blogging Challenge – Out of the Box (May 2016)

I had so many ideas for this month's theme. The most ambitious of them involved taking a new roll of film out of its box and loading an old 35 mm camera to take all of this month's photos. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to let day-to-day responsibilities overwhelm grand plans. As a consequence, I…


Photo Blogging Challenge – Baseball (July 2014)

Baseball! Baseball? The very word brings to mind the very worst memories from junior high phys ed. Strike out every time at bat? That was me. Walk every batter when it was my turn to pitch? Yep, me. Miss every ball thrown or hit my way? That too. The annual baseball unit was the only…


Photo Blogging Challenge – Festive (December 2013)

How appropriate that "festive" was the theme for the month of school concerts; work parties; family parties; Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa; giving and receiving; and New Year's Eve! For me, something festive is something that brings joy, invokes the holiday spirit or celebrates the season. Here are some particularly festive moments from our December. 1. Christmas…