Gear Review: Lensbaby Sol 22 / 45

After taking more than 2000 photographs with the Lensbaby Sol 22, I'm sure of four things: 1) the fun factor is well worth the US$199.95 list price; 2) its compact size and light weight make it easy to carry on any photography outing; 3) not all subject matter lends itself to the Lensbaby look; and 4) the combination of manual focus, tilt shift and bokeh blades means more practice is required before I can be confident that photos taken with this lens will consistently match what I envision before pressing the shutter button.


Gear Review: Peak Design Everyday Bags

Peak Design added thoughtfully designed bags to their slate of camera gear accessories in 2015. With sleek, durable exteriors and multi-pocketed, flexible interiors, Peak Design positioned these bags to be your everyday carry. After using the Everyday Messenger since January 2016 and the Everyday Backpack and Everyday Tote since January 2017, I have a solid base of experience upon which to share my use case for each bag, along with likes, dislikes and other bits of feedback. Plus, thanks to Peak Design's affiliate program, we can offer you 10% off your next purchase from Peak Design's online store.


Photo Blogging Challenge – Different Gear (June 2017)

The challenge this month? Step away from your favourite camera/lens and work with something different for the month - maybe a rental lens, a film camera, some glass that's been buried deep in your camera bag for a while, gear-swap with a friend or another change that gets you thinking more than usual. Since June is the start of wildflower season in Alberta, I opted to dig out my 60mm f2.8 macro lens and go walkabout looking for blossoms.


Updated Gear Review: Peak Design’s CapturePRO Camera Clip and Accessories

Over the past six months we've used our CapturePRO Camera Clips in Canada and New Zealand, on several hikes in fine weather and in snow, tramping around on a glacier, exploring an active volcanic island, at Mount Doom and in Hobbiton. We've attached them to quite a variety of packs and bags, as well as …

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Gear Review: Peak Design’s CapturePRO Camera Clip

I follow quite a few photographers and photography websites, so I can't remember exactly how I came across Peak Design's Capture Camera Clip v2 Kickstarter campaign. All I know is that one day in early July I checked out their video and company website and promptly backed their campaign to the extent that the GeoK …

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