abstracted reflection of trees on water

Nearby Nature Project: 2023 March

Spring is an ideal time to boost your Nature connection. The short-lived bird migration season increases both the absolute numbers and number of bird species around. Maybe you'll add a bird or two (or more) to your year- or life-list! It's also when gardeners finalize their seed orders, start seeds and hope for the most bountiful harvest and prolific blooms ever. Of course there's snow melt, mud and spring yard clean-up to contend with. But for me, the joys far outweigh the work.


Photo Blogging Challenge – Four (March 2017)

As far back as I can remember, I've loved numbers. The number four, in particular, has a lot of character:
- Four is the only cardinal numeral in the English language that has the same number of letters as its number value.
- The fourth finger (ring finger) of a human hand automatically bends when the little finger bends (trying is believing).
- In Tetris, a game named for the Greek word for four, every shape in the game is formed of four square blocks.

Herein are five photographic interpretations of four.