Photo Blogging Challenge – Look Up (May 2017)

Think about if for a minute...when's the last time a day went by without someone telling you to look up? This phrase applies to everything from situations as basic as looking up a bit of information on a website to much more important things, like the need to look up from the various screens that are so good at demanding attention to really engage with the people in our lives that are deserving of our attention. Finding time each day to look up from technology and work is also a good way to (re)connect with nature - to take in a daily dose of Vitamin N and reap the associated benefits.


Nature Break in Canmore

People sure make different choices when it comes to vacations. Budget, family circumstances and personal interests shape holiday plans. Our family vacations tend to one extreme or the other - we go big or stay home! This spring vacation, we opted to unwind with a nine-day nature break in Canmore, featuring daily photo walks. Our vacation pics reflect the tussle between winter and spring that takes place at this time of year in this part of the world.


Photo Blogging Challenge – Three (March 2016)

Happy 3rd birthday to PJ's photo blogging challenge! I just read my post from three years ago and noticed a couple of things. For one thing, there are a few people who have posted every month for 36 months and counting. Congratulations! For another, I'm convinced my photographs are better now than they were three years ago. That …

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Photo Blogging Challenge – Rule of Thirds (August 2015)

Instead of the usual subject-oriented theme, this month our organizer challenged us to compose five images keeping the Rule of Thirds in mind. I've been concentrating on leading lines and clean edges in my photographs lately, so this was a good reminder to keep all the "rules" of composition in mind when composing shots. I …

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