Geocoins Trading Newbies

Last week, Mrs. GeoK finally got all of our “keepers”, “traders” and “seekers” listed on Geocoin Collecting & Trading Gallery. We didn’t know whether that would do anything more than give us an online tool for keeping track of our ever-growing geocoin collection, so we were surprised when, within a few days of finishing the task, we received 2 or 3 trade requests. As of today, we’ve agreed to 5 trades, most of them for multiple coins.
So far, we’re really fumbling around when it comes to landing on what’s a “fair” trade – sometimes it seems that one-for-one is the right thing to do, but other times either side may have a hard to find coin or one that’s been selling for $25+ on eBay, so it’s harder to arrive at the “right” trade offer. But we’ll keep working on it. I’ve pretty much decided to focus on personal geocoins and trying to collect all of the coins ever sent out by the Geocoin club. Hopefully that will make it a little easier.
So far, everyone’s been really willing to offer advice on how to pack and mail the coins, where to find info about the coins, etc. I fear this will soon become as time consuming as pathtag trading can sometimes be, but it seems to be a great way to connect with geocachers in lots of different places.

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