We logged a find!

Last Thursday, Mrs. GeoK was on a quest to find some Bakugan – the hottest toy in town. After a failed attempt to locate any of the elusive fighters at Chinook Center (got in a good walk, from one end of the mall to the other as I checked 4 different stores), she finally met with success at Toys ‘R Us on Macleod Trail south. And it was really big success; I managed to buy two "Battle Pacs"!!
With the primary mission accomplished, I moved on to my secondary mission – to find at least one geocache. Fortunately, bish0p had a new hide at South Center and it’s got a Pathtags theme, so it was a natural target. Though my hands were freezing by the time I was done, I looked through every last tag in the container and found a few to take in exchange for the half dozen I had in my pocket. Even better, the cache didn’t contain any of the ones I dropped in and I didn’t have any of the ones I picked up. And I’ll settle for third to find any time!
Now, to get some real caching momentum going in February…

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