Airdrie and South Glenmore Park

On Weds (May 7), Mr. and Mrs. GeoKs’ schedules managed to come together to allow for a 9:30ish departure to Airdrie for a half-day of geocaching. We went to Airdrie last fall and thought we’d "cleaned the place out", but leawelter and others were very busy in April, hiding all kinds of new caches in the run up to their first ever CITO event. So we had almost 40 possible finds when we headed out; when the rain and hail chased us back to Calgary at about 3 o’clock, we’d managed to log 22 finds. And shockingly, we had 5 DNFs. This is an all-time daily high in terms of DNFs. It seems, from reading other recent logs for Airdrie caches, that there may be a cache thief on the loose there. We certainly hope that’s not the case, but it would explain our lack of success on so many caches.
Mr. GeoKs’ favourite hide was peanutbutterbreadandjam’s GC1AAGT – you steal from me the sorrow that I’ve earned, located out in the country just to the northwest of some of Airdrie’s newer subdivisions. Mrs. GeoK liked this one too, but her favourite was geoguider54’s GC17FYA – Reunion Picnic (a nano).
What’s interesting is that we came back from Airdrie and agreed that when it comes to urban caching, we actually like hunting micros and nanos the best. Maybe it’s the challenge of the hunt. Or maybe it’s the fact that most urban small, regular or large-sized caches contain nothing more that what we consider to be junk. It’s very rare to run across really interesting swag in an urban cache, and we actually struggle to think of interesting swag to put in our own hides in the city.
Today Mrs. GeoK joined a good friend for a walk in South Glenmore Park. Together they covered 8 km and then when her friend left to attend an Mother’s Day tea, Mrs. GeoK put in another 5 km. Just yesterday she came up with an idea for tracking down the coordinates for GCYWV3 – Quache Quest Qualgary, a 3jaze "mystery" cache. And halellujah – her deduction was correct! On the way to find this ammo can cache she spotted a threesome of long-tailed deer. And on the way back to the parking lot after finding GC13D05 – Ninja Attack #4 – MAN DOWN she spotted lots of ducks and swans on the reservoir. However, there was no joy on mystery cache GCH1D2 – A Weight Problem, so it’s time for a re-think on this one.

Swans and ducks on Glenmore Reservoir

Dock ruins near Ninja Attack #5

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