Rafting the Bow

Who would have thought we could go rafting in Calgary on the 1st of November? And be hot enough to be out in a short-sleeved t-shirt and hip-waders? Not me. Boy was I wrong! Mrs. GeoK and oldest GeoKid joined Sears Tower and one of the Junior Towers for a rafting trip down the Bow River. We were also in the company of 9 other scouts and a parent volunteer.
We put into the water a few minutes after 9 am, from the boat launch at Glenmore Trail / Heritage Drive. We made our final landing shortly before 4:30, at a boat launch just south of Calgary city limits. In between, we rafted 25 km, found 9 or 10 geocaches, hid six more, had one scout walk in the river in his runners, heard from exhausted kids who swore they could paddle no more, spotted a bald eagle in flight, learned to execute flawless 360s (in both directions), and had sunburned noses. It was an awesome day.

We’re already planning another trip, just the GeoKs and Sears Tower families. Perhaps 2009?