Puzzle progress

We’re planning to attend GC1JB42 – 2009 Geocacher Breakfast on Saturday; on the chance that the weather (and remaining snow cover) cooperate to set the stage for some successful post-breakfast caching we’ve been working to solve some of the puzzle caches in the Cochrane area. After a few days of on and (mostly) off effort, we’ve manage to decipher GC17CPQ A Cochrane Puzzle and GC19TQ3 A Ranch Puzzle both hidden by BVPete, a great cache hider in the Calgary area.
Next (and last) on the list is GC1HP67 BGN ~ $. It’s rated as 4-star difficulty and at this point, all I can say is "huh????". Four days ’til the event – wonder if I can solve it by then!! BTW, it has been (solved and) found just once since it was published on October 31/08.

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