2009 Geocacher Breakfast

We had a great time at GC1JB42 this morning. DanOCan successfuly assumed the organizing duties for the annual Geocacher Breakfast event and we saw plenty of familiar faces (j2d2, RedRouge, Sleepy_hollow, BVPete, BearGPS, ladylitefoot, Tethys C) and met some folks we recognized from their logs (Mr. Canoehead, UK CAN, GeoDreamCacher and Squirrel Nutcatcher, eagle416).
Even though they lost DanOCan’s reservation (twice), the Smitty’s staff did a good job keeping up with all the arrivals. Our lads enjoyed hot chocolate and pancakes or waffles. Note for next year: K should have the pancakes and C should have the waffle. Mrs. GeoK should stick to whole wheat toast.
After chatting with many of the attendees, discovering a couple dozen geocoins and even making a trade (thanks Tethys C), we bundled up and headed outdoors with caching buddies “Sears Tower”. Our mission: to find and photograph BCP425 for GC43F3 Brass Cap Cache. Enroute, we discovered a bonus – one of the puzzle caches I solved earlier in the week was very nearby. Good thing, as the -23C temperature, combined with a brisk wind, made for red faces and frozen fingers by the time we returned to the vehicle. Based on weather conditions, we decided to abandon our hope of finding 8 or 10 geocaches in Cochrane today. I guess that gives us good reason to return to this beautifully-situated town later in the year.

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