WWFM V – C of Red

This morning at 11:00 MDT, geocachers around the world attended the fifth World Wide Flash Mob geocaching event. We had 62 people and 2 geodogs in attendance at our Calgary event GC1Q4GN WWFM V – C of Red. Most people wore the requested red shirt, so after we collected all the log sheets and handed out goody bags to everyone, we headed up the hill to form a beautiful red maple leaf for our official group photo. The turnout wasn’t quite high enough to form a sea, but we did manage to create a respectable puddle of red on the hillside! And we were definitely noticed by at least one driver, as we got a honk! honk! as they drove by.
The last half of the event, Mr. GeoK drew names from the log sheet bin and we awarded a total of 12 prizes, including First-to-Find honours for the event, headstarts to try to find a couple of new geocaches that were published after the event, the final coordinates for a new multi-cache and eight unactivated trackables (many accompanied by geocache decal packs or window stickers). We’d like to thank Prairie Swan, Tethys C, peanutbutterbreadandjam and Sears Tower for donating prizes.
With one minute left, we managed to record a greeting for the Podcacher podcast, which you can see here.
After the event, we stayed at the park for another 45 minutes or so, mostly to watch some of the attendees try to find the new micro cache we’d hidden the park. After a while, Mr. GeoK took pity on those who were still searching and gave them a big hint. After that, it was a short time before everyone was lining up to sign the log sheet!

Youngest GeoKid took full advantage of the blue sky and sunshine

We included special event pathtags or fridge magnets in all the goody bags

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