Fish Creek Park

Mr. and Mrs. GeoK enjoyed a geobike ride in Fish Creek Park this morning. It was a little cool when we started out about 10 o’clock, but soon warmed up. We found a few Neko & Hiri caches, a few hidden by ruffsranger, and a few others, for a total of 11 finds while in the park, including GC1FZM8 Tetley’s, which turned out to be find #2400.
This one was a challenge to do while geobiking, and Mrs. GeoK had to push her bike for the last 750 meters or so. Many interesting sights could be seen from this narrow trail balanced on the steep hillside above the banks of the Bow River: a bald eagle, a bike in the river and a mud-coated bike on the bank of the river, a spruce tree equipped with a couple of climbing rungs and a length of rope for swinging into the river on hot summer days…


By the time we arrived back in the parking lot a few minutes before 1 o’clock, we’d clocked in just over 20 km, pretty much all on paved trails. And the best news is that there are still lots of geocaches waiting to be found in this park, so we’ll definitely be back again this biking season!

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