Fish Creek Park – Part 2

Another day, another 20+ km of riding and another 11 caches found in Fish Creek Park…

After finding Stash n’ Dash at the Bow Bottom entrance into the park, we met up with the Grandma and Grandpa GeoK. They accompanied the GeoKids on a long bike ride through the park and ended up riding just shy of 30 km in about 2 1/2 hours. Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. GeoK rode 22 km and found 10 more geocaches before re-connecting with the rest of the riders. We were astonished – but pleased – that our GeoKids out rode us today!!

Our geobiking expedition started with a short ride south, past the Sikome Lake day use area and into a new area of the park, LaFarge Meadows. While searching (unsuccessfully) for GC1J114 Almost Hard we had a chance to meet the cache hiders, as they were riding by and spotted us searching a large fallen log for their micro cache. They’d been by to check on it a little earlier and concluded that it’s gone missing. There’s a fair bit of damage to the fallen log, seemingly from aggressive searching for the cache, so they’ve made the prudent decision to archive this one, rather than replace it.

After finding 4 of our 5 target caches in this area, we headed back towards the parking area and then generally northwest. We rode 8 km before approaching the posted coordinates for our next target. GC1J0HK A Random Ammo Can was hard to reach on bike, so we had to leave them near the pathway and approach the last 40 meters or so on foot. There were a couple of beautiful mule-tailed deer in this area and they bounded away as we approached. After ducking under Macleod Trail we found two more caches before we had to head back in order to keep our agreed upon meeting time with the GeoKids.

We made two stops on the 6.5 km ride southeast to the Ranch parking area. The first was to find a nice little cache hidden near Fish Creek and the second was to take a few photos of the other ice caves in the park. We’ve set up one ice cave as an earthcache…it’s accessable via paved trail and has a railed-in viewing area. These other ones are "off limits" according to park personnel, but you get a pretty good view of them from the northern bank of Fish Creek where a nice little single-track bike trail takes you right to the water’s edge.

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