Milestone: 200 Unknown (Mystery) Caches Found

Today we covered 164 km in pursuit of geocaches in Cochrane and on some of the country roads NW of Calgary, finding all 24 caches we attempted, including 12 puzzle caches to reach our 200 Unknown (Mystery) Caches milestone. We expect to have a bit more of a focus on puzzle caches going forward, as we’re getting close to having found all the traditional caches in Calgary.
Two of the puzzle caches we did today stand out. The first is GC1F0GN Bird Garage, primarily because the cache page says to go to the posted coordinates, read a sign and then try to figure out what to do. We scratched our heads for a bit, walked a few hundred meters to do another cache and then lucked out and spotted the next part of the cache, which took us to the finish and the actual cache container. It was a different experience and we liked the idea.
The second is GC19TQ3 A Ranch Puzzle, which Mrs. GeoK solved several months back. The search for the container took a good 15 – 20 minutes today and Mr. GeoK was very happy to finally put his fingers on the very well-concealed container.
It’s also worth noting that we reached find #2700 this morning, so we’ve now expanded the radius of our weekly pocket query (500 nearest, not found, traditional caches) to just about 100 km, which puts us in good shape for having all the Kananaskis caches in our GPS units when we go hiking this summer.

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