Geocaching Around the World – Florida

We’re about to embark on the trip of a lifetime…National Geographic’s “Around the World by Private Jet” excursion to 10 countries in 22 days. In the company of 69 fellow travellers, we depart from Orlando tomorrow morning, headed for Peru. But since our last visit to Florida was before we discovered the parallel universe of geocaching, yesterday afternoon we were compelled to venture out in search of a local cache, with the aim of adding Florida to our geocaching map.

In addition to the lazy river pool, full laundry facilities, an excellent breakfast buffet and free wi-fi in the room, our accommodations at the Ritz Carlton on the grounds of the Grande Lakes Resort offer a very important feature: a geocache within walking distance!

Mr. and Mrs. GeoK headed out for a walk along the golf cart paths, aiming for the traffic light that would allow for a safe crossing of the Central Florida Parkway. Once on the far side of the parkway, it took Mr. GeoK just a minute or two to spot GC2FVXY – Taht Blat Cache. He signed the log and replaced the container and then we headed back to the resort, pausing to take photos of some of the many birds on the shores of the lakes…

Tomorrow, we take flight on a Boeing 757, reconfigured to accommodate 80 passengers. Youngest GeoKid summed up our feelings quite nicely when he exclaimed he was feeling “nervous, excited and just a little apprehensive”. We’ll meet our fellow travellers for the first time this evening and will have our first experience travelling as part of a tour group: we have to have our large suitcases outside our room, ready for pick-up by 9:30 tonight. Aside from a 10-day trip to England, the GeoKids have always vacationed in North America, so we expect this excursion, with stops on 4 continents, will include at least a few instances of culture shock. And – not surprisingly – Youngest GeoKid, with his many allergies, wonders whether he’ll eat anything but rice for the rest of the month!!

As far as geocaching goes, we’ve created a bookmark list / pocket query which includes at least one target geocache for each stop. Whether we’re successful in earning a smilie in every country will depend on the detailed daily itineraries, which we’ll receive as the trip progresses. And we look forward to discovering whether any of our fellow travellers are active geocachers.

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