Snowshoeing the Bow Valley – Three Sisters Creek, Canmore

Back in Canmore for the weekend, we headed out to search for the waterfall and old dam site that we heard about after our last snowshoe outing. The weather cooperated somewhat – the snow stopped falling, but the wind was blowing (at least until we got into the trees). It was fairly clouded over, so our photos didn’t turn out particularly well.

Between the wind and the incline, Youngest GeoKid needed a break shortly after we got into the trees, following a rough path alongside the old wooden pipeline…

At the first creek crossing, Mrs. GeoK and Youngest GeoK were trailing Mr. GeoK and Oldest GeoKid by quite a distance. Rather than worrying about catching up, we simply paused to enjoy the view and take some pictures.

We did manage to find the waterfall and the remnants of the manmade dam (was the source of water for the wooden pipeline), but by the time we reached it, Oldest GeoKid was ready to head back to the house. The rest of us stayed to explore for a bit. Mr. GeoK and Youngest GeoKid hiked along one section of the top of the old dam…

We were even brave enough to cross a narrow plank bridge across the creek and found a great spot to have a picnic next summer, so we’re looking forward to a return visit when the ground is clear.

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