Kindle Convert

Mr. GeoK finally talked me into trying an e-reader (actually, he bought me one and gave it to me just before we took our trip around the world in February). After just two months, it’s hard to imagine traveling without my Kindle (wi-fi version) with its eye-catching, lighted, burgandy leather cover.

Why won’t I leave home without my latest gadget?

  1. No need to pack 3 or 4 space-hogging books in my suitcase (or to find a bookstore when I finish the ones I packed along).
  2. I can download my local newspaper every day, so I know what’s going on back home (free digital subscription is included with home delivery, even when home delivery is on “vacation hold”).
  3. There are LOTS of free or very inexpensive books, including classics, thrillers and sci-fi. I subscribe to this blog for daily updates on free offers (mostly by independent authors) – for both books and Kindle “apps”.
  4. Even for new releases, there’s usually a discount from the hard copy price when you buy the digital edition.
  5. Since Youngest GeoKid also has a Kindle, I can read the same books he does and we have something (besides video games) to talk about in the car, at supper, etc.
  6. In a pinch, the integrated light works as a flashlight in unfamiliar hotel rooms.
  7. The ability to adjust the font size if my eyes are feeling a little tired (or even a little middle-aged!).
  8. My favourite features include: clippings (recipes and other articles from the newspaper); the ability to make notations when reading titles for my monthly book club; and never having to feel guilty about turning down the corner of a page!
  9. My Kindle fits in my purse, so I always have reading material at hand if I have to sit in a waiting room (and no need to worry about what germs might be hanging about).
  10. In just a few steps, I’ve managed to load the plans for our home reno onto my Kindle, so I always have them along if I decided to stop in at a lighting store…or a plumbing store…or a hardware store…

The price tag of US$139 for the wi-fi version is the equivalent of 10 years membership at the local public library. I won’t be giving up my library card anytime soon, as I still like the feel of a hard cover book in my hands. BUT, it’s also the equivalent of just 10 or 12 trade paperbacks, which is less than 3 months’ reading material for me. So when I weigh everything out, the wi-fi Kindle is a decent value proposition for me, and I’ll enjoy tucking it in my carry-on bag for years to come.

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