Calgary Cache and Release – Spring 2011

Where did April go? Between income taxes, working on our home renovation, volunteer commitments and tae kwon do, the last three weeks sped by. Fortunately, this past weekend’s geocaching event CCARS11 was just the prompting we needed to pull back from the daily grind and get out to enjoy the almost-springlike weather!

We teamed up with Sears Tower, who first introduced us to geocaching back in 2006. Mrs. GeoK and Sears Tower headed to Monroe Park for the kick-off event: Calgary Area Cachers’ CITO, which was organized as part of International CITO Day.

There were so many cachers out for the event (including many newbies) that the park was thoroughly cleaned up before the event was half over! So after doing our little part of the clean up and stopping to chat briefly with some geocaching buddies, we took off to pick up Mr. GeoK for the 12 o’clock (noon) official start of the finding frenzy phase of Cache and Release.

We elected to begin our 5 hours of geocaching fun at Clearwater Park, which is just west of Calgary. Pulling into the parking lot a few minutes before noon, we spotted two other vehicles sporting the official Cache and Release lavendar vehicle mirror covers, so knew our chances of earning an FTF were nil. Instead of racing to the first cache, we enjoyed a leisurely walk to one of the caches placed for the Calgary Parks 100th anniversary celebration – in the company of parksgal40, who was the Calgary Parks liason with all the Calgary Area Cachers who volunteered to place hides for the Calgary Parks 100 event. Then we headed off to find our first CCARS11 cache, entered in the “in plain sight” category.

As the afternoon progressed, we moved in a generally clockwise direction, from southwest Calgary, to northwest Calgary, to northeast Calgary and finally back home. Of the two dozen caches we found over the course of the afternoon, the most noteworthy was GC2KJ55 How not to be seen – CCARS11, placed by rustywa, one of the event organizers. Not only was the puzzle a bit of a challenge, but the “in plain sight” container was well-conceived and quite well executed. We’re a little concerned about how it will stand up to rain and snow, but really enjoyed the find. Well done!

Our last stop before home was another rustywa puzzle cache: GC2KJ54 How to irritate people- CCARS11. The puzzle for this one was absolutely fantastic, especially for someone that has never really been exposed to Monty Python before. Even the GeoKids enjoyed the YouTube sketch that was required viewing to solve the puzzle.

The hide categories for this round of Cache and Release provided something for just about everyone: in plain sight, micro (but not in a tree), holiday-themed, not at posted coordinates, and Monty Python. We didn’t make time to place any caches for this spring’s event, but sure appreciate the efforts of those who did. And there are another 2-dozen CCARS11 caches out there just waiting for us to find them. Here’s hoping spring is here to stay and we’ll get out to most of them in the coming weeks.

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