Geocaching Not a Priority For Us Right Now

Maybe it’s the time of year…or the weather…or the fact that we’re just 10 weeks away from moving back home (major renovation still in progress). Whatever the reason, geocaching is not a priority for us right now. In fact, we’re beginning to suspect we’re suffering from a case of geocaching burnout (gasp). We hadn’t heard the term geocaching burnout until Sonny and Sandy introduced earlier this spring, on episode 317 of the Podcacher podcast.

But even though we’re not very interested in searching for yet another urban cache, we’re still engaged in the geocaching community. Mrs. GeoK recently teamed up with Sears Tower for the third time this school year, to introduce the use of GPS receivers and geocaching to a group of students at a local school. Of course, we continue to monitor our geocaching email account and respond to questions about our cache hides, review and approve waymarks and stay on top of geocache maintenance requirements.

Even better, we’re looking forward to some summer bike rides and hikes that include at least a chance or two to find a geocache in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. To start the season, earlier this month we hauled our mountain bikes out of the garage and headed out onto the trails in the Three Sisters Creek area, on the eastern end of Canmore, AB. We were hoping to practice our single-track skills, but excessively muddy sections soon had us heading back to dryer pathways along the old power line right-of-way. We enjoyed the ride, but with the trails busy with Sunday afternoon riders and walkers, we decided not to go after the only geocache that was even remotely proximate. Once school’s out next week, we’ll try to get out that way on a weekday, with the aim of earning at least one smiley fact this month.

Hmmm…that’s a good reminder that tomorrow’s the only day this month that we need to find a cache in order to complete the month of June for any 366-day challenge caches that are out there. Guess that means it’s time to sign off and go select a couple of target caches for Tuesday!

One thought on “Geocaching Not a Priority For Us Right Now

  1. I know that feeling.

    I haven’t gone too long without a find or anything in having a severe case of burnout, but I have dialed things down over the past year. The big runs and the urban micros were starting to get to me. Now I try and plan more quality. I’ll still grab some of the quickies, but I’m more interested in doing the better hides. Hope the burnout for you ends soon enough!

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