Summer’s Finally Here!

We are finally enjoying a few days in a row without rain! So we’ve seized the opportunity to get out and about in Canmore, starting with a short bike ride yesterday and a decent walk today. The Bow River is still running very high as the snow pack continues to melt. More than a dozen types of wildflowers are blooming right now, including Western Wood Lilies, Round-leaved Orchids, Scarlet Paintbrush and one of my favourites – Wild Blue Flax.

K on the trail
Due to a nagging foot injury, over the past couple of months, K hasn’t been as active as usual. Lucky for him we chose a pretty flat trail for our first ride in July.
K on the bike trail
K was busy looking at the scenery and completely missed the fact that there’s a curb alongside the trail. End result = injury-free wipe out with no damage to the bike. Phew!

Ha Ling and Miner's Peak
Ha Ling is one of the most-recognized peaks in Canmore, with Miner’s Peak just to the east (to the left). K and C are on the far side of the field, headed towards a narrow trail along some old mine tailings.
Old coal mine entrance
K enjoyed a few minutes in the shade at this old coal mine entrance along the Three Sisters Parkway.

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