Winter Hiking the Bow Valley – Jura Creek

Compared to the previous couple of years, we did a lot of hikes in 2012. The most fun we had last summer was a half-day outing to Jura Creek.

At the start of our two-week spring break, we opted to re-visit Jura Creek. We strapped on crampons/MICROspikes to ensure good traction as we made our way up the frozen creek. There was one short stretch where we spotted open water, but it was easily avoided with an extra-long step.

Since we turned around before we reached the big rock slabs with the pools, our return hiking distance was just under 5 km. Although the fun factor was definitely lower than last summer’s outing, this short trek was an easy (yet scenic) start to our spring break in the Bow Valley. Here’s a peek…

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last summer

One thought on “Winter Hiking the Bow Valley – Jura Creek

  1. Please note that the MD of Bighorn has asked the Province of Alberta to prohibit parking at the informal Jura Creek trailhead. For more details, refer to

    Not sure whether this means everyone wanting to hike Jura Creek will have to get someone to drop them off and pick them up or whether they’ll have to request permission from Graymont to use their land for parking. We’ll post another update if we learn anything new.

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