Disc Golf – Three Sisters Course, Canmore

We’re not avid disc golfers. But we have quick, easy and free access to the 12-hole Three Sisters course at the east end of Canmore, so we play at least a few rounds each year. The first week of spring break, conditions were just right to get in our first round of 2013. The fairways were generally snow-covered, the snow was pretty much hard packed (so minimal post holing), and while most of the tee boxes were covered with snow, the upside was that only a few tee boxes were muddy.

K and I played the short course in a rather unorthodox manner. We played holes 9 through 12 on our way to the outdoor climbing wall at a nearby school. And then we finished off with holes 1 through 8 as we made our way back home. We didn’t keep score, but I’m pretty sure we both came in around double the par 38 score for the course. But it was fun! And the scenery was awesome!

Hazards at this time of year include risk of getting mud all over your disc, snow clinging to the inside rim of your disc (throwing the balance off) and avoiding the abundant evidence that a sizable herd of elk likes to graze along the course. If the spring-like weather holds, the area will soon be very muddy and wet. I’ll do my best to remember to post a comment once it dries out again.

For those who want to try their hand at disc golf, this is a good choice. It’s pretty easy, it’s short and it’s quite forgiving (although there are trees on some holes and we’ve had to send K climbing to retrieve stuck discs a couple of times in the past). All of that means it’s family friendly, so it’s not unusual to see parents and young kids playing together. The Three Sisters course also isn’t very busy. This time out we saw one other group playing a round. Last year, the busiest time we played there were three other groups on the course.

There is an 18-hole disc golf course at the Canmore Nordic Centre. That course hosts the Big Bear Classic tournament each year, so my guess is that it’s more challenging than the Three Sisters course. In the winter, the Nordic Centre course is modified to a 9-hole alternate layout, to avoid conflict with cross-country ski trails. That sounds more within our skill level! If we play a round before the end of spring break, I’ll be sure to share our impressions (and hopefully some photographs).

Do you have ready access to a disc golf course? And if so, have you played yet (this season)?

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