31 Days of Geocaching Challenge – A Solid Start

31 Days of Geocaching Printable Calendar from geocaching.com
Our participation in the 31 Days of Geocaching challenge is off to a good start, with at least one geocache found each day.

There’s been pretty good variety to our participation: some days in Canmore and some in Calgary; about a 50/50 split between traditional and unknown type caches; some park ‘n’ grabs, some while geobiking and 2 days with multiple finds while urban hiking (including a 10 km trek through Nose Hill Park). For those who are into the numbers: over Days 1 – 10 we accumulated 29 finds, 1 DNF, placed 9 new caches and did maintenance/re-enabled 4 of our existing hides. We were pleased to find that three of the four caches we disabled because of potential flood damage came through intact and dry inside (we still have to check on the fourth one). But the brown painted magnetic nano cache is now shiny silver – all the silt in the water rushing past scoured the paint right off!

For those not so much into the numbers, here’s a look at the most creative caches we found and other highlights from Days 1 – 10:

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