31 Days of Geocaching Challenge – Update

Even though we weren’t quite as active as we were at the start of the month, we logged 26 finds during the middle stretch in the 31 Days of Geocaching Challenge. Our geocaching outings varied considerably, depending on energy and motivation levels each day.

My longest bike ride was through Griffith Woods, which was flooded (again) in June. The Elbow River has regained its beautiful turquoise colour and city crews have been hard at work on flood clean-up and repairs. I checked on our only cache hide in this park and although it’s hiding spot survived the flood, I was unable to locate the cache container. We’ll make a return visit with a replacement container in September, which allows a few more weeks for pathway repairs before we re-enable the cache.

One good walk was just west of the Calgary city limits and netted 9 geocaches found over a distance of about 4 km (just under 3 miles). There was a decent pathway a short distance away from the busy country road and I enjoyed the feeling of being in farm country…

Fence line along Springbank Road near Pinnacle Ridge

We also enjoyed another bike ride in the Three Sisters neighbourhood in Canmore, scouting possible locations for some more new geocache hides…

View from potential new geocache hiding spot

Highlights from some of my park ‘n’ grab outings included discovering a well-hidden city park, some urban artwork and a very colourful geocache container…

How’s your participation in the 31 Days of Geocaching challenge coming along? If you’re not a geocacher, what kinds of things are you doing to enjoy the great outdoors this month?

I had five responses to my poll question earlier this month: 4 people intend to earn all 31 souvenirs and one person is not taking part.

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