Making Macros

We voluntold the boys to walk with us Sunday afternoon. They didn’t quite dress properly, so we turned back a little sooner than I would have liked, but we still covered a respectable 7 km. We walked past four more of our geocache hides. Three were in good shape, but Mr. GeoK brought one home for some TLC, so it’s been temporarily disabled.

I was the only one making photographs and my aim was to return home with some macro subjects suitable for the weekly photo project I’ve enjoyed in 2013. Here are my favourites:

Ice crystals along Three Sisters Creek
Despite the generally deep snow cover, there are a few more sheltered areas where last spring’s Mountain Avens are visible, like this one.
I wonder if it’s the wind, a bird, a squirrel or some other critter that stripped this seed head halfway along its length.

What details captured your attention today?

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