Winter Wander in Canmore

We are ready for winter break! And we’re going to enjoy most of the holiday in beautiful Canmore, which means we’ll be trying to compensate for being away from the dojang and our exercise room by getting out for a long, wandering walkabout every day.

On Day 1, the boys expressed absolutely no interest in stepping away from their books and computer screens, so Mr. GeoK and I teamed up for a wander along the banks of the Bow River, under the TransCanada highway and through the Bow River Campground (closed for the season). Our main objective was to check on a couple of our geocaches that had several recent DNF (did not find) logs posted. After confirming that both containers are in place and ready to be found by cachers with a keen eye, we pulled out our cameras and moved onto the photography phase of our outing.

Mr. GeoK captured a couple of beautiful landscapes:

The grass-covered mound was left standing after the June 2013 flood. Mount Rundle (in the distance) has a pretty good covering of snow.
Mr. GeoK has taken some great photos of Grotto Mountain over the past few years. He took this one from the east end of the Bow River Campground.

Meanwhile, I pointed my camera lens at some of the snow and ice formations that Mother Nature sculpted over the last month or so:

I forgot to carry a GPS, so am not sure of our exact walking distance, but based on similar past outings, estimate we covered a little under 5 km. We’ll need to do better than that if we want to keep the usual holiday weight gain to a minimum. After all, our Day 1 baking output included chai biscotti, double-chocolate biscotti, ginger snaps and shortbread, with more baking goodness planned for Day 2.

I think there’s a high probability that two weeks blog posts featuring images of snow and ice observed while out wandering would be pretty boring, so I’d like to come up with some ideas to help keep it fresh. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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