Gallimaufry at the Lodge in Kananaskis

galəˈmôfrē – a haphazard assortment of things

On December 23 we enjoyed a few hours in Kananaskis, visiting with Grandma and Grandpa GeoK, who very much enjoy their traditional Christmas stay at the Delta Lodge at Kananaskis.

A fondant Rudolph led Santa’s reindeer team in for a smooth landing atop the giant gingerbread house.
The staff at the Lodge puts a lot of effort into Christmas displays and activities, including a giant gingerbread house where (a fondant) Santa’s sleigh has landed on the porch roof, with Rudolph leading the team. Some of the youngest guests were decorating sugar cookies, while others relaxed with a favourite device in one hand and a glass of raspberry-strawberry infused water in the other.

The trio of reindeer hanging out at the Lodge all sported antlers: upper and lower, including large spoons like this one.
Outside, three live reindeer were resting up before their circumnavigation of the globe on Christmas Eve. I never really noticed the section of antler protruding from the front of a reindeer’s head before. It took several minutes searching the internet before I finally learned that this section of lower antler is called a spoon. And now I wonder why animated Christmas television specials don’t properly portray the structure of reindeer antlers.

Continuing our walk, we headed out along the Village Rim Trail. Heavy cloud draped the tops of most of the mountains lining the Kananaskis Valley, so my eye was scanning for interesting things closer to the pathway. Grandma GeoK pointed out a surprise about 5 meters into the woods between the trail and the Lodge: a stealth tree!

I’d really like to know whether it was someone from the staff at the Lodge or a guest staying at the Lodge that brought a set of Christmas ornaments out to decorate this little tree in the woods just off the Village Rim Trail.

I took my first selfie in November and this reflective ornament seemed a perfectly seasonal opportunity to take a second one
Before tromping back through the snow to the trail, I noticed the opportunity to take a second “selfie”. (You may remember that I took my first-ever selfie back in November.) I like the way this entirely manmade tree ornament reflects the nature surrounding me, including the trees, cloudy sky and the mountain across the valley.

As we completed our first loop of the Village Rim Trail, I noticed a couple of trailers loaded with canoes – outdoors, fairly distant from the nearest river and exposed to the elements.

It seemed a little odd to me that these canoes are stored outdoors all winter. But then again, I’m not an expert on canoes and maybe they are all-weather boats?

Even more surprising, I managed to talk the GeoKids and Grandma GeoK into pretending they were about to climb aboard the big canoe for a paddle through the snow!

The GeoKids and Grandma GeoK were all ready to climb aboard this large canoe for a winter cruise through the snow!

That’s it for the random mishmash of strange things I noticed a couple of days before Christmas. Have you spotted anything just a little bit out-of-sync with your expectations for the holiday season? Or maybe you’ve compiled a gallimaufry you’d like to share through photography…

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