Photo Blogging Challenge – Holly Jolly (December 2017)

December is a favourite time of year. Baking cookies, getting out in the snow, singing carols and cooking for family and friends are pretty much guaranteed to trigger a holly jolly mood. But some years it’s harder to feel festive. That’s when it pays to know what helps improve your mental wellness. And it’s why I aim for a daily dose of outdoor exercise, even when there’s an extreme cold advisory in effect!


Photo Blogging Challenge – Point of View (July 2017)

One fun approach to this month's theme would have been to assemble a series of photographs emphasizing the position from which each was taken. Another option would have been to photograph one subject from many different vantage points. I chose to make photographs reflecting my connection with nature, since, over the years, I've found that being in nature is essential to my well-being. A growing body of research shows my experience is not unique!


Photo Blogging Challenge – Leap (February 2016)

Photo blogging challenge host PJ must have a bit of code he runs against a short list of possible themes each month. The "winning" theme is the one with the highest likelihood to stump and then inspire participants to push creative boundaries. Or maybe not...after all with this being the leap month of a leap …

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