24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar

Lego advent calendars have been a long-standing GeoKs’ family Christmas tradition. But now that our boys are pretty much grown up, Mr. GeoK and I are the ones who most enjoy seeing what’s in each little compartment of a Lego Star Wars advent calendar.

So this year, I decided to change things up a bit. K really enjoys his morning tea, so as soon as David’s Tea 24 Days of Tea advent calendar was available for purchase, I picked one up. It’s a good thing I placed my order that first day…they are long since sold out.

Looking over the ingredients for the 24 kinds of tea, there are some flavours he won’t be able to try on account of his nut allergies, so I picked up a few samplers to substitute in as needed. I guess I’ll be the one to try the flavours with nuts as listed ingredients.

I can’t wait to see K’s reaction when I leave this beside his place at the breakfast table on December 1st!

K rarely reads this blog, so I’m pretty sure I won’t be spoiling the surprise by posting this now. And I wanted to get this post out before December 1st, to help spread the word about a reverse advent calendar idea from CBC Eyeopener’s Food and Nutrition Columnist Julie van Rosendaal (aka Dinner With Julie). Here’s a snippet from her Facebook page:

Reverse Advent Calendar

Her post went up on November 21 and been shared almost 1500 times. It’s a great way to complement the traditional advent calendar – a fun way to nurture the spirit of giving. While specialty advent calendars often sell out, the reverse advent calendar is available across North America to anyone looking for a creative way to support their community food bank. Seems like a great idea to me!

Is an advent calendar part of your family Christmas tradition?

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    1. We are really enjoying this. I hope I remember to order the 2016 version when it becomes available next November. If you’re interested in following along, I’ve been posting daily tasting notes over on Instagram mrs_geok.

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