30 Days of Nature: Repeat Monthly

Canada’s 30×30 Nature Challenge, organized by the David Suzuki Foundation, runs every year for the month of May. Not that I need a reason for getting outside every day, but I have diligently applied the appropriate hashtags to my month of May nature photos for the past three years, about the same length of time I’ve been following the growing body of research that shows that time spent in nature makes us happier, healthier and less stressed plus it increases creativity.

I added more than a thousand photographs to my Lightroom catalog in May. I used my phone camera for about one-third and my favourite Olympus OM-D camera for the rest. You may have seen some of my favourites on Twitter or Instagram, but I wanted to pull most of them together in one place, so here goes…

Nature in our Neighbourhood




Next year’s 30×30 Nature Challenge is eleven months away. While my nature habit is pretty well established, I was happy to discover 30 Days Wild, organized by The Wildlife Trusts in the United Kingdom. Naturally, I registered! 😉 Won’t you join me? Follow @30DaysWild on Twitter for daily suggestions or create your own nature adventure every day in June. Use #30DaysWild to share your daily dose of Vitamin N with the more than 23,000 people who have already signed up.

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